How healthy you are? How much strong your immunity is? Enhancing the body’s natural defence system plays an important role in maintaining the optimum health. Due to Covid-19, entire world is suffering. It is high time to strengthen your immunity. Ayurvedic medicines can improve your health holistically without causing any side effects. ‘Kaya Detox’ is the best ayurvedic medicine to boost immunity naturally. It is made from pure herbs and spices that are sourced directly from nature.
Coronavirus pandemic has turned everyone’s attention towards the immune system.  The function of immune system is to increase the body’s defence force against disease causing bacteria and viruses that we touch, swallow and inhale every day. “Kaya Detox” is AYUSH approved ayurvedic solution for weak immune system. This ayurvedic remedy gives strength to body’s defence system in natural manner. The herbal ingredients of “Kaya Detox” help to eradicate the unwanted toxins from body. These natural ingredients fully reenergize the body and initiate the production of new healthy cells and tissues in body. “Kaya Detox” is the finest ayurvedic supplement for improving immunity in the market. You should definitely try it.

Recommended by AYUSH

“Divya Shree Kaya Detox” is an ayurvedic immunity booster Kadha approved by Ministry of AYUSH. It is a 100% vegetarian powder, which is made from pure and organic extracts of ayurvedic herbs. It is certified by government organisations such as ISO, FSSAI and GMP. “Kaya Detox” powderis completely safe and side effect free ayurvedic medicine. Superior quality ingredients are used in the formulation of this powder. It is manufactured under strict quality regulations and standards defined by the Indian government. Special technical staff performs quality control inspections on regular basis. Consumer product testing, factory and supplier audits are done under the supervision of expert team.  Divya Shree Ayurveda certifies that this product is exclusive and prepared from high-end ingredients.

Key Ingredients

- Giloy

- Tulsi

- Dal chini

- Long

- Kali mirch

- Lahsun

- South

- Haldi

- Mulethi

- Amla.      

Why is Divya Shree Kaya Detox the best?
“Kaya Detox” is a side effect free ayurvedic medicine made from natural ingredients. It enhances the body’s defence system and give it power to fight against viruses and harmful microorganisms.  “Kaya Detox” is free from gluten, chemicals and artificial constituents.   It is a renowned ayurvedic remedy for curing cold, cough and respiratory illness.
Do you fall ill often? If yes, then this is because of low immunity. Generally, a herbal Kadha is suggested to strengthen the immune system naturally.Kadha is a mixture of several Ayurvedic herbs that pacify the Vata and Kapha. “Kaya Detox” is the best ayurvedic Kadha for boosting immunity in India. The ingredients of “Kaya Detox” like turmeric and black pepper cure flu and allergy. Cinnamon and garlic aids digestion. The strength of immune system is highly dependent on the condition of digestive system. Poor gut can cause a negative impact on immune system. If you have an impaired digestion or an unbalanced gut, then your immune system at high risk. “Kaya Detox” stimulates the digestion process and flushes out of toxins from body. It provides new energy to body and ensures a balanced gut health.
Immune system plays an important role in both the development and prevention of disease. It is up to your immune system to protect you from being infected. If your immune system is powerful, you can survive any disease. “Kaya Detox” is the best immunity booster in India. It makes your immune system strong and help your body to fight the illness.


Jatin Gautam


Really very effective and resultive

I trust Ministry of Ayush, so I ordered this medicine. Kaya Detox has increased my vigour and immunity. I am satisfied with this product.